God is Doing What Now?

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God is Doing What Now?

It is important to glean these claims from the song: God is the one who has broken, the one who has torn apart, the one who strikes down, the one who slays, the one who takes, and the one who ruins.  This is all done in love that people may know God in his suffering, and the lyrics proclaim that the singer will still bless and worship his name.  Now, if all this song is trying to say is that A) God disciplines his children due to their continued sin and need for direction towards holiness (Heb. 12:7), B) God allows (key word) evil for greater goods and C) God works good out of evil, then there is no problem.  The song, however, seems to say much more than that: There is no sense of discipline or sense of “allowance.”  God is doing.  He is the active agent of breaking, striking, and slaying.  This is further supported by the fact that John Piper and Desiring God Ministries have put their stamp of approval on the song.  It is part of Piper’s theology that God is the active of cause of everything, including when bridges collapse and kill a bunch of people.

It is not just Piper’s either; it is an important aspect of Reformed theology, though few Calvinists have the stomach to say what Paul Helseth says, that ” “evil must be regarded as something that is not contrary to, but an essential component of, God’s will” (emphasis mine).  Piper sometimes uses the language of allowance, but as I’ve pointed out elsewhere, he has claimed that to say “God allows” and “God does” is the same thing, which is, well, confused; they clearly mean something different for anyone with remote familiarity with the English language.  It is, of course, far more preferable to say that God allows evil rather than actively causes it, but when Calvinists use this language, they are simply being inconsistent with their own conception of God’s sovereignty as all-causing.


Failure is an option – TED


From “Failure is an option – TED” radio hour – Sept 21, 2017


  1. Don’t listen to anyone who tries to get you to shut up or change your story
  2. Give voice to the story that ONLY you know how to tell
  3. Sometimes telling the story IS the thing that saves your life
  4. “Cronology of water” – How many times I had to re-invent myself from the ruins of my choices.
  5. Failures were just wierd-azz portals to something beautiful – all I had to do was give voice to the stories

The Chronology of Water: A Memoir — Book by Lidia Yuknavitch

You have the ability to re-invent yourself endlessly – that is the beauty.

Marriage concerns



I battle with a critical spirit.

HAVE you EVER met a critical person that you want to be like?

10 min – your words have POWER – use them carefully

Instead – you made some mistakes.  We know that. But there are lots of things that you did right like………….    God will use you to reach so many people.  I can see it.

LISTEN TO:  My Big Fat Mouth Part 2: Criticising

Truth influenced by my hope?


I have discovered that I have a natural tendency to hold as “TRUTH”/”BELIEF” the things that I WANT/HOPE to be true.   Even (sometimes) in spite of evidence to the contrary.  Example-suffering.  When evil people die, they just cease to exist… instead of eternal suffering of a physical pain nature in a lake of fire.

Everyone devotes themselves to something that they believe will bring them a better life.

Everyone devotes themselves to something that they believe will bring them a better life.

  • Diet
  • Money
  • Exercise
  • Job
  • Car
  • Guitar
  • Girlfriend

What am I devoting myself to?  A- Think about where my mind is most of the time?  What consumes most of my time?   What I devote my time to is what/who I worship.

Everyone is mastered by something.  What is the root of your decision making? Why did you make a decision?

Greed:  Assumption that it is all for my consumption.   My time.  My money. My love.  My house.  My car.  My talents. My job.

People are lost if they the are worshiping material things. They are sowing to the flesh not the spirit.  They will reap a corrupt heart.  That is, a heart that becomes more focused on self.  A focus on self that wreaks God’s perfect plan to bring all people back to God.  God is love.

Suppose I have cancer  and 6 months to live… no amount of money, cars, job, etc. will bring peace in my heart.  Only the hope of eternal life in Christ brings peace.  This is the root of our joy.


old cows

  1. She is not brining up the old cows (oven, fingers in door, etc.) because she is worried about the old cow… she is saying this current situation is like the old cow so “heads up” you need to respond appropriately
  2. She wants: 1) say “sorry” 2) say what I will do differently next time 3) if I do not know what I will do differently next time… ask “what could we do differently next time” to avoid this…