The change game is always lose lose


When I am constantly trying to change someone:

  • I damage the relationship

I must choose to accept the child that I have… and not the child that I want or the child that I wish I was.

What if the thing that I want to change in other people is REALLY a message from God to tell me that there is something that God wants to change on me.

My life, our relationship, will be better when I drop the manipulation and trying to change others.   God had me marry my wife, because she is the best possible person to be paired with as my helper to achieve the best possible life.  She exposes what needs to be changed in me.

Emotions are a message.  Anger, fear, sadness are all messages that something is wrong.  But I cannot start with trying to fix the outside condition. I need to start with God’s lens and first see what I need to change inside of me.

What needs to change may not be what is annoying me, but what might need to change is something inside of me.

GOD is the one that does the changing.

  • Let The Games Begin_ The Change Game.mp3
  • Clay Scroogins
  • North Point Community

What is the “Win” in the relationship?    The relationship is the “WIN”.  The reward is the relationship – having it, benefiting from it.
People do not change other people.  People do not change FOR people.  People change themselves when they decide to change themselves.

Golden Rule:  Treat others the way you want to be treated.

Diamond Rule: Treat others the way God has treated you.

  • God loved you when you were unloveable.
  • God accepted you before you accepted God.
  • God calls you back to him no matter where you are not matter how bad you have been.

How would the world look different if the world followed the Diamond rule.

James 4:12      12 There is one lawgiver and judge[a] who is able to save and to destroy. But who are you to judge your neighbor?