stuff from a podcast…

stuff from a podcast…   Forgot which one… stuff to think about.


Mind is what brain does.  Brain activity.  Neural firing.

Mind is subjective experience, lens through which we experience life.

Subjective experience.  All dependent on neural firing to make it “real”.

Mental activities, Mental life is all about brain activity

  • Feelings
  • Thoughts
  • Memories
  • Beliefs
  • Attitudes
  • Longings
  • Desires
  • Behavior


Happiness comes from the in between.

Self – others (relationship)

Self – work

Self – something larger than self


Mind is a different world than the physical world.


100 Billion Neurons, each neuron has 10000 connections.  So trillions of connections in brain.  Ions move.  Electro Chemical.


Recursive pattern passed from one relationship to the next relationship.  Starts with mother to unborn baby.


Coast is the overlap of earth and sea.  Wet sand.  Not just solid, not just liquid.  It is a mix.  It is the in between zone between earth and sea.


Energy and information flow is the in-between connection between physical and mind.

Commonality is the energy and information flow between.  Change is movement. Flow.


Non-linear – what is the result of the thing that will happen.  We do not know.  Complex systems have emergent properties.   Humans beings are complex systems with the ability to self organize.


Self organization.

I really am happy when I am making progress towards a goal.

My wife makes me better because she challenges me, motivates me to change, to learn more to become more to move forward towards a goal.


FACES – definition of health – in relationships

  • Flexible
  • Adaptive
  • Coherent
  • Energized
  • Stable


Integration of parts

Attachment.  When you are regulated you are self organized with integration.

Integration is health. Integration is functionality.  Integration leads to harmony.  If you are not integrated it leads to chaos, rigidity or both.


Every symptom of every disorder is chaos, rigidity or both.  “Impaired integration of the brain.”


Chronic stress impairs integration of the brain because high levels of cortisol (which is toxic to the brain) impairs integration/development.

Any period of growth is a period of both vulnerability and opportunity.   Humility and confidence.  Passion and conviction.

Success or thrive.  You cannot realize your potential when the fundamental units of your brain cannot collaborate.   Therapy is an integrated process.

Integrated fibers can always grow.  You can always keep growing new neural connections through your whole life.  You need to exercise brain to build more.