Great Questions:

So you are saying _________________ .     What makes you say that?  or Why to you think that?

So, when you said ___________,  what do you mean by __________?

Where are you going?

“pregnant silence”


Instead of: Begin questions with:
“Have you tried…”“What were you thinking…”“Did you…” “What…”, “How…”,“Please describe…, “Where…, “When…,“Can you tell me more about…”

Here are some specific examples:

Leading Questions: Open Ended Questions
  •   “Have  you tried…”
  •   “What have you tried?”
  •   “Are you angry (happy, sad, confused, etc.)?”
  •   “How is this affecting you?”
  •  “Do you want to increase profit?”
  •   “What  is your desired outcome?”
  •   “Are you using x and y to evaluate your decision?”
  •   “What are your criteria for evaluating the solution?”
  •   “What did we do wrong?”
  •   “What  did we learn?”