I must find my fulfillment in God first.

I must find my fulfillment in God first.  Not my job, my wife, my kids, my car, my house, my friends etc.

Psalm 23 –  The Lord is my shepard I shall not want.

When couples are counciled, counciler see people WANTING so much from the other person.  (All conflict boils down to “you are not meeting me “needs”/”wants”.   Because people are naturally self centered and self focused they often have unreasonable expectation of the other person.

David and his relationship with the Lord “my cup is OVERFLOWING”… I should have so much from my relation ship with GOD that I am overflowing… I should be saying to my wife, kids, coworkers and friends… “COME over here and get some of this oveflowing water from the Lord.”  I am overflowing with how much I love him you got to get some of this.

Was David overflowing from his wife? His kids? His Power?… NO.  He was first overflowing from the Lord.

I cannot blame my unhappyness on some other person.  I am trying to find fulfillment in a earthly relationship.  If I try this I will always fail because I am looking for fulfillment in a self centered sinner.

When something is OFF in any relationship, it is all about going to the LORD first.  “LORD what do YOU want in my heart.  How do YOU want me to see this situation.  Go to the Lord first, ask him for help (the Lord provides 1) his word (bible) 2) community (small group & biblical friends)   3) church & prayer.  Then I can come back and have a reasonable and right and correct prayerful expectation of the other person.

Always validate what you hear spiritually… Is it true?  1) check it against the bible.  2) check it with your small group, spiritual leaders, biblical friends.  Are you listening to God or other spirits?  You can always check.

Or are you overflowing… I am so in love with God that I will splash over love onto my wife and kids regardless of the circumstances.

A side effect of this correct world vision is living the best possible life where we have right expectations of wife, kids, friends and coworkers… PEACE! LOVE! PATIENCE!

Focus on the family… View of eternity part 3.


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