meet people where they are

Responsability is to meet people where they are just like Jesus did.

Done by building relationships.

Relationship – characteristics of great relationships:

  • Love & Respect
  • Sacrificial service
  • Honest communication (based on trust)
  • Patience
  • Loyalty
  • Common Purpose (that results in fun, joy)

How do you get there?

Must “know” the person.

I know people when I can answer these questions:

What do they love? (cars, houses, money, job, kids, wife, God, god, nature, environment, activity, skiing, camping, vacations, travelling)

What are they experiencing?

What is the world through their eyes?

How are they feeling?  (Angry, joy, peace, love, envy, hatred, frustration, disspointment, injustice,

What is important to them? (family, religion, politics,   )

What is the basis for their big decisions?

What is the big life goal they are driving towards?

Do they have a plan to get there?

Are they conciously aware that the decisions they make today define who they will be tomorrow?




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