His commands are not burdensome

It is true to say that to love God is to obey God.

His commandments are not burdensome.

You cannot obey God without loving him.   That is called being a pharisee.  You cannot love God without obeying him, that is called being a hypocrite.  1 John 2

If you love God it is not a burden to obey him.  It is an act of faith.


It is possible that the bible is a burden. If you approach the bible as a burden… or If you feel crushed under the weight of God’s commands… Some thing is amis.  Something is not lined up correctly.  Something is mis-aligned.  Something at the HEART LEVEL is not aligned.

Need to ask the question… IF I feel burdened… why?

IF I feel like it is a checklist… why?

If I do not love it…..  why?

Heart issue…

Bible says “love God and obey him and his commands are NOT a burden”  so if I feel burdened… something is wrong… what?  (Note… it does not say they are easy… just not a burden)

Obedience to God through his word is ultimately an act of LOVE.   And so we need to ask ourselves the question…  WHY am I not delighting, WHY am I not treasuring?

**It is a HEART issue.**  Only I can answer that question… or only I in a community of people that I trust can answer that question….

It is not meant to be a burden and if it is a burden it is a problem with ME… no my work, my kids, my spouse, my God, my finances, my country or my community…

In fact it may be a good prayer — God would you deal with my heart.  In this moment give me a heart that treasures and prioritizes this book and prioritizes you?  Would you do that because I love you.

The bible is connected to God’s heart for us.





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