• Christianity (Faith) is hard – you have to work it out for yourself
  • Christianity is not a blind leap – Christianity is following a person.  Jesus.
  • You can argue that there are good grounds for believing in God.  You can argue there is a lot of good evidence and suggestions for believing in God.
  • You cannot scientifically deduce the existance of God.  You cannot do this for good reasons.  If you could deduce the existance of God then God would be an object in the universe. The Christian God is not an object in the universe.  The Christian God is outside of the universe and the creator of the universe.
  • So, there comes a point beyond which human reason cannot get you to.   You have to step out, understand what Christianity is, decide if you will put your trust in it or find it rupulsive.  If you choose to put your trust in Jesus – you have faith.
  • Often people suggest religion is the only place that we live by faith. Not true.  For example, marriage.  We know that more than 50% of marriages in the western world fail.  Often with horrible emotional trauma for spouse and children.  Scientific evidence shows that often marriage does not “make you happy”.  But in spite of this scientific evidence that relationships cause trauma most of the time, every day, rational human beings look into the eyes of another person and say “I trust you with my heart”  I will put my faith in you, though good times and bad, sickness and health.    We do this in all sorts of areas in our life where evidence cannot absolutely prove one thing or the other but based on the available evidence we make a choice to put our trust/faith in one option.

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