conflict? wiki-it

  1. It is not about the software.  While the software and how it works is important it is not about the software.   It is about the culture in the community. It is about people having the right spirit.  It is about people taking responsibility.  (podcast around 15 minutes)
  2. When people disagree – they have a discussion on a talk page.  Talk page is not a general chat room about potatoes.  Talk page is ALL ABOUT HOW WE IMPROVE THE ARTICLE.   Whether you love potatoes or hate potatoes, that is more or less irrelevant to the article and talk page.  If you are a good ____________ (wikipedian) no one can tell which side you are on.  After reading the article, others should not be able to tell if you love potatoes or not.   (podcast around 17 min)
  3. “Wikipedia is not a democracy” – what we mean is that a simple vote does not always win the day.  At the end of the day this is a dialog and a discussion and we need to talk about this.
  4. An organized crowd is a group of people working together out of agreed principles for a common end and doing that with a modicum of kindness and thoughtfulness to each other.  This is very special and must be nurtured.  It does not happen naturally.
  5.  How do we write about this conflict that is neutral, constructive and helps people understand.   (34min)
  6. Work together productively to present the issue fairly.  On the issue of potatoes, both sides will NEVER come down on the same side.  However, they can agree to work together to create an article that presents the issue of potatoes fairly.   If you want to understand in a deep way the issue of potatoes, where all the sides come down and what the debate is all about,  the best source is this article and we both agree that the article is quite good.  Article states “so and so” said this…  and the critics say this…   Together all parties can work together to produce an article that both parties are proud of because the article is an excellent representation of the big picture.   Go meta.  Go one level higher.  Go for an accurate description of the debate.   Just describe the debate and do that in a fair way.
  7. How do you think about the relationship between facts and truth.  Facts are metaphysical states of affairs that exist in the world.  Truth is statements about the facts.  A true statement corresponds with the facts.  Facts alone do not necessarily create truth.
  8. Emotion can cloud your ability to correctly identify what is really going on in the world.
  9. Kindness, generosity,

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