Suffering is the dirt to grow love and joy


Krista Tippett, July 15 2016 Thich Nhat Hanh

Thich Nhat Hanh, Cheri Maples, and L.mp3

  1.  Can transform suffering and sorrow
  2. misplaced anger because people are in incredible pain
  3. it is about softening your heart
  4. We suffer because of our wrong perception of ourselves and others.
  5. Our wrong perception is what makes communication so difficult.
  6. Violence in our families and the rest of the world can stop with us.
  7. We must question our own actions and perceptions.
  8. Foregiveness comes from looking deeply and understanding
  9. Attention to the present moment – a way of life.  Not a belief.
  10. Only understanding and compassion can help us remove violence and hate
  11. Restoring communication is the basic requirement for peace
  12. If there no communicaiton, there is no understanding, there is no chance for the best possible decision.


Brene Brown – Krista Tippett – university professor

We loose sight of the beauty, the most beautiful things I look back on in my life are coming out from under things I did not know I could get out from underneath.

The moments I look back in my life and think “those are the moments that made me” were moments of struggle.

In a culture where we want to fix or prevent vulnerability — our struggles make us who we are.    Shame to strong sense of worthyness.  Vulnerability between men and women.





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