We must have the stubbornness to accept our gladness in the ruthless furnace of this world.

Creativity.  In everything.

curiosity in kids…

  • give clues
  • may take you somewhere

My life is different than everyone elses.

My life, its self, becomes the work of art.  What is the story that I have painted.   Did the creative piece of art, the story, glorify God?

If I write a biography, is it art?   Does it reveal my spirit of being.

virtue of inquisitiveness.  Curiosity.

Stubborn gladness.

Stay with it until the moment of transformation comes.  What happens on the other side is amazing.

Songwriting…. you have to have your catchers mitt on…

Terrified People make TERRIBLE decisions.  Terror and fear make you irresponsible, they make you think not very clearly, make you willing to do almost everything to get rid of the awful feeling.   We have seen people do this on the individual level, cultural level and we have seen politicians who find ways to exploit terror and fear in order to get power.  If you can find a way to get control the reins of people’s fear you can control them for a while.

Must stay more curious than fear.  Our courage makes other people more brave to come out of their houses.

literally anything can happen to literally anyone at any moment.

Depression is anger turned inward.  Self loathing.

A Brief for the Defense

Sorrow everywhere. Slaughter everywhere. If babies
are not starving someplace, they are starving
somewhere else. With flies in their nostrils.
But we enjoy our lives because that’s what God wants.
Otherwise the mornings before summer dawn would not
be made so fine. The Bengal tiger would not
be fashioned so miraculously well. The poor women
at the fountain are laughing together between
the suffering they have known and the awfulness
in their future, smiling and laughing while somebody
in the village is very sick. There is laughter
every day in the terrible streets of Calcutta,
and the women laugh in the cages of Bombay.
If we deny our happiness, resist our satisfaction,
we lessen the importance of their deprivation.
We must risk delight. We can do without pleasure,
but not delight. Not enjoyment. We must have
the stubbornness to accept our gladness in the ruthless
furnace of this world. To make injustice the only
measure of our attention is to praise the Devil.
If the locomotive of the Lord runs us down,
we should give thanks that the end had magnitude.
We must admit there will be music despite everything.
We stand at the prow again of a small ship
anchored late at night in the tiny port
looking over to the sleeping island: the waterfront
is three shuttered cafés and one naked light burning.
To hear the faint sound of oars in the silence as a rowboat
comes slowly out and then goes back is truly worth
all the years of sorrow that are to come.”
Jack Gilbert, Refusing Heaven

Krista Tippett “Elizabeth Gilbert – Choosing Curiosity Over Fear.”

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