Team Success

Apply to:

  1. relationship with God
  2. Church
  3. Small Group
  4. Marriage
  5. Family (especially including kids)



  • Essential #1: Select performance-oriented people and position them for maximum impact
    • Recruit doers not thinkers – it’s much easier to educate a doer than it is to activate a thinker
      • Put people where they can make their greatest contributions—your organization will be at its best when team members are doing what they do best
    • Make sure team members have a crystal clear understanding of the interdependency between divisions, departments and team members ! associates feel interdependent?
      • Do they understand how what they do impacts what others do and vice versa?
      • Getting this one thing right will eliminate the majority of your staff bickering as well as your silos
  • Essential #2: Clarify the what and why
    • What and Why are the fuel for High Performance Teams—what problem needs to be solved, what task should be accomplished, or what opportunity should be leveraged?
    • What and Why creates a vision of how their world will improve because of the work they’re doing
    • Clarity around What and Why focuses energy and resources
    • Clarity around What and Why spotlights superfluous initiatives and activities
    • Clarity around What and Why lays the groundwork for organizational change


  1. Do you have a system in place to ensure each team member is positioned for maximum impact? If not, what are some practical steps you can take to move in this direction?
  2. What have you done recently to communicate the What and Why for your teams?


  • Good to Great by Jim Collins
  • The Performance Factor by Pat Macmillan


© 2016 Andy Stanley All rights reserved.

Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast Creating High-Performance Teams, Part 1 ReleasedJun 03, 2016  In this month’s podcast, Andy talks about how to create high-performance teams. Itunes.

01 Creating High-Performance Teams,.mp3



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