Equality is a bad social policy

…work in progress…

Equality is a bad social policy.  It seems to me it is simply untenable.  It cannot realistically be achieved.

  1. strip all people of their sex to make them equal?
  2. strip all people of their faith and religion to make them equal?
  3. give the smart people drugs to dumb them down to average intelligence?
  4. take house, cars, money from the rich and give to the poor?

What does this solve?

A social policy of achieving equality in a family, community, work environment, city, province, country or world just doesn’t make sense.

Consider a social policy of love.  Instead, when you see:

  1. someone who is hungry, invite them to dinner and feed them
  2. someone with no cloths, take them shopping and buy them a jacket
  3. someone who is lonely and depressed, be their friend
  4. someone with no job, work with them and give them opportunity
  5. someone heaping hot coals on their head (bad life decisions) be their friend, show empathy and show them a better way to live.
  6. someone with no friends, be their friend and teach them empathy and how to make healthy relationships

Consider this on a international social scale.    Over time has US foreign policy built relationships — what was the result.  Or created separation.  What has been the fruit of CIA deception and lies?   What if different decisions were make and we loved them?

Everyone has a moral code.  World wide people tend to believe in:

  • Justice
  • Honesty
  • Keeping our word
  • Careing
  • Generostity

However, world wide, people apply this to themselves, family, community…. reaching out in concentric circles first.  The gospel message and what is in the bible says, love of self first and then moving out in concentric circles of love is ass-backwards.  This kills and murders relationships.  It wreaks God’s plan for the best possible world.

I see humans have desires of their heart for worldly things.  They covet material things.  Hearts tell our minds something (I NEED more comfort, more stuff, more ____ to be happy.  Then people manufacture lies, “because I must have it, I need it (lie)”   and this leads to justification, manufacturing a world visions that justifies the desires.   This is why there is hardness of heart, cruel to people, moral supperiority…

The wisdom and mystery of God is to 1) repent – empty ourselves of “love of self first”.  and prepare a empty space in your heart then 2) fill it up with a relationship with God.  Wisdom of God which is to see all circumstances and choices through the lens of God… LOVE God first and following from that love neighbor like we love self.  RELATIONSHIP of love.   Every choice we make… 1) does it Glorify God, furthering his plan of one united people loving God and 2) (secondary thing) does it build up our relationships with each other.

Go back up to the list above of “someone with”s…   social policy is not best served with laws driving equality.  Social policy is best served from a heart of love focused on relationships.


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