My prayer template


Prayer is all about fellowship/relationship with the heavenly father through the finished work of Jesus by the ministry of the holy spirit.

A – Adoration

C – Confession

T – Thanksgiving

S – Supplication

A – Adoration 

Gospel presupposes the finished work of Jesus.

Purpose – to preach the Gospel into our hearts.  What are the top 3 things from the Gospel that are most important in your heart (emotional level)?   Awe… focus is on greatness and immeasurable enormity of the power of God.  (Not on things God has done for me.  This part is not about me.  this part is only about God.)




This is to remind ourselves:

1)   Who is the triune God?  _______________________________________________

2)    What do I know to be true about the magnificent trinity now that grace has invaded my heart?    ______________________________

C – Confession —- posture of humility – agreeing with what God already knows to be true about us.

The place were we are FREE to admit:

1) I don’t get it ___________________

2)  I  hurt ______________

3)  Here is where I know there is _______________________ sin in my life

4)  Here is where there is sin in my community __________________________

T – Thanksgiving  —- Again we are preaching the gospel to our heart

1)  Thank God for the promises that he has made to ME – What are the top 3 biblical promises that God has made that are meaningful to my heart:

Promise #1:

Promise #2

Promise #3

In this part, don’t forget to thank God for other believers and the things I have observed them doing.  per Eph 1.


2) God has committed himself to hear us.  God commands that we bring our weariness to him.  God commands that we cast our care upon him.


S – Supplication  —– Requests,  Intercession, prayer list

1)   What is my list?  Concentric circles (Me, wife and kids, parents and brother, Grandparents, small group, friends, co-workers, neighbours,  community, city, province, country, continents, world.)

2)    PLEASE advance your will God ____________________

A)  What is prayer?

Prayer is intentionally conveying a message to God.  (Intentionally from my heart.)

Why in the world do you define prayer as “Prayer is intentionally conveying a message to God.”?   WHY do this?

1)  Prayer is talking to God? – Romans 8:26 – Spirit is groaning with MEANING.

Romans 8:26    26 Likewise the Spirit helps us in our weakness. For we do not know what to pray for as we ought, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words.

2)   Prayer is communicating with God?  – Prayer is always one way.  Us to God.

3)   Intentional? – MOTIVE for prayer?   Does it matter?  Does it make a difference?   Where do our Prayers go?

B.2)    Does prayer really change things?

  1. C)  Skeleton – put some fat on it.


A.C.T.S. Prayer | 3:41

Seven Simple Tips to Refresh Your Prayer Life

Pray in concentric circles.


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