Christianity then politics

  1.  All political parties support policies that can be found in the Bible.   You can always find something in the bible that supports  (or something Jesus says) where your political party stands.
    • Jesus did not come to take sides.  Jesus came to take over and to be first in our lives.
    • This requires more than reading what the bible says and looking at what Jesus says.   We need to look at what Jesus did.  What Jesus modelled for us….  Put God first, the put people second, then put politics after that.
    • We can disagree on what is best for people.  We cannot disagree that what is best for people is “what is best”.
    • Love GOD and demonstrate that you love God by “Love your neighbour as yourself…”   ALL the law and all the profits hang/hing/”are contingent upon” this.  This shows your true love for God.  How I treat people is a reflection of how I love God.
  2. Political parties are man made.  Worshipping man made things over God is the sin of idolatry, it grinds against God’s infintely perfect plan.


Everybody’s behaviour makes perfect sense to themselves. Otherwise, they would not do it.   When I do not know how someone could do such a thing, support such a thing, believe such a thing…. it is because there is SOMETHING I DO NOT KNOW.

I need to be a student NOT a critic.   BECAUSE it is an opportunity for me to LEARN something.

Get down, walk around, write it down, pray.

The way we learn, the way we grow, the way we walk God’s path of sanctification is that “WE DECIDE WE WILL BE A STUDENT FIRST” and a critic second.

Jesus follower should be the most confident… not ARROGANT…  because we believe:

  1. Eternity is all worked out.
  2. God knows my name.
  3. I am a son of God.  I am in his book.
  4. I know my God has INFINITE wisdom and infinite power.
  5. Science – we should be the most curious – when ever there is new discovery, we say “ohhhhh – so that is how he did it….”

Jesus followers should be the most curious…

Jesus followers should be the most compassionate…

As a Jesus follower we have a responsibility to do what we have been called to do: LOVE GOD, LOVE Neighbour.

  1.   What led you to that view, what led you to believe that, what led you to that position.  What was the process that got you to believe that?
  2.  That is interesting, do know him, do you know her?  Oh…
  3.  You know I get most of my information from the media how about you?








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