Story & Positioning

4 P’s of business

  • People
  • Product
  • Processes
  • Positioning (branding)

POSITIONING…   Communicate… What role do you play for the customer in 5 seconds?  More than that?  you lose.

Example Narrative (Dave R ish):

I went bankrupt.
I had bad business practices.
I opened my bible.  Asked how I should I do this (from a biblical perspective).
I created some integrity based practices.
Now I help other people.

update: 170918

  1. I had everything but was still grumpy and dissapointed.
  2. I had a bad world view focused on self.
  3. I read the bible, asked how I should see this.
  4. I adopted a biblical world view seeing my life, my resources and other people through God’s lens
  5. Now I am content and I help other people.


1st thing….  Help the hero win the day.  Know their pain points.

  • What do they want, What are they trying to accomplish,  What is the Deathstar they are trying to destroy.
  • What are the challenges that face them? (example of pain point:   Have great products but they cannot get the word out.)



Keep it simple.  (it = message)   Speak in black and white easy to understand messages.

Above helps you define the message.

Positioning the user as the hero in a human-centred design process provides a natural way to evoke empathy from the design team and from project stakeholders.

messages that grow your business:

  1. The customer is the hero, not you.
  2. Every hero has a problem. Ask “what problem do you solve for your customer.”  What is your customer’s frustration
  3. Empathy, we understand their pain.   “I understand your pain and I like you.”
  4. Authority, I know what I am talking about. The way to make a good first impression.  1) I have my stuff together and 2) I like you and I am like you and I was like you in the past.
  5. What I can do to help them solve the problem better than anyone else.
  6. Make the customer the hero of the story.


Example: 1) you have problems 2) we understand “we had the same problem xxx years ago.”   3)  We solved it by xxxx with this real result xxxx .

5 things website must include.  (objective – 5 seconds to tell what you do – focus on what you do)

1) easy to understand tag line (picture of happy person using product)   example “increase your revenue by using our product”.  Can a cave man understand it?   “We do lawn care. My lawn look good.  Me not pay big price.”.   Name your customer in tag line.  Example  “We help entrepreneurs do ________”

2)  One OBVIOUS button to push to buy.  It must ALWAYS be on every screen all the time.  Have a call to action on the page “buy now”.  (keep all the other buttons but put them on the bottom and fade them out a bit).

3)  Visually display the success your client (human) will experience if they buy your product/service.  Appeal to subconscious.

4)  Break down products and services into bite-size categories.

5)  Clear communication of brand script.


How to Tell a Compelling Story. (Bible, Lord of the Rings, Narnia, Hungerer Games, ancient myths etc)

Joseph Campbell – Monomyth Model

0 – Status Quo

1 – Call to adventure

2 – Assistance

3 – Departure  (into Special World)

4 – Trials  (Special World)

5 – Approach  (Special World)

6 – Crisis  (Special World)

7 – Treasure  (Special World)

8 – Result  (Special World)

9 – Return  (out of Special World)

10 – New Life

11 – Resolution

0 – Status Quo

youtube video


Joseph Campbell – Monomyth Model – observation of real world.

0 – Status Quo

1 – Call to adventure – hero receives a message/invitation/challenge (receives a quest)

2 – Assistance – hero needs some help from someone older/wiser/experienced  (scroll, ring, sword, tool)

3 – Departure  (into Special World) – cross the threshold from normal safe world over into new environment (Special World)

4 – Trials  (Special World) – trials, hard work, solves riddle, slays monster, escapes from a trap,

5 – Approach  (Special World) – approach, time to face biggest challenge, hero’s worst fear,

6 – Crisis  (Special World) – hero’s darkest hour, faces death, get’s reborn

7 – Treasure  (Special World) – special recognition, power, knowledge, gift, treasure, experience, equipped with something new that makes you better equipped to understand and help other people who are currently at “status quo” and about to be called to adventure.

8 – Result  (Special World) – monsters continue? Or monsters bow down and die?  (varies)

9 – Return  (out of Special World) – after all that adventure, the hero returns to the ordinary world

10 – New Life – quest has changed the hero, he has outgrown his old life, he is different,

11 – Resolution – all the tangled plot lines get sorted out.

0 – Status Quo – but upgraded to a new level, more color, more flavor, more texture, more nuance, more intense.  Nothing is the same.

What do you have in common with these people?  This is the human walk.  This is the human experience.  This is God’s plan for  us.  To be built up through this.  To be sanctified through this.  This is the story of Jesus.  This is what life is – to know and experience and be delighted in God’s creation.

“in the cave you fear to enter lies the treasure you seek”

Status quo

call to adventure & accept the challenge

trials, crisis & conquer your fear

claim the treasure you seek

and then….. do it all over again….

What is the symbolic cave that you fear to enter?  (try out for school play, baseball tryouts, love, new job/career, school, religion, marriage, immigration, having kids, buy a house, vacation, cancer, heart attack, surgery)

What are the possible treasures?

What are the possible treasures you get from the alternatives?  (Alternatives are: do not accept the challenge (aka, medicate it (drugs, alcohol) ignore it (watch TV and play video games), walk away from relationship (divorce, separation from kids, parents, relatives)) or abort it. (Give up).

“You never fail until you stop trying.”   ALBERT EINSTEIN   

I believe failure is a choice you make when you choose to stop trying.

Listen for your call to adventure…  That is God’s plan for you to experience his glory through adventure.

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