What is the least I need from Genesis?   What is least is what I need to remember first.

  1. God comes first – before universe, before man, God did not need the universe. He created it out of Love.
  2. God speaks – he is a talking God
  3. God made everything. (God and everything is not one.  God made it.)
  4. One God who is good. He made everything that is good.   God made the serpent.  One sovereign God over the whole.
  5. Humans are accountable to God because he is our creator. We are made by God, for God.  Our purpose is to Glorify God.  We owe God because if he did not create us we would have nothing.
  6. God makes humans in his own image… out of dust.  (Hardware or Software?  Like a software image?  Code?  Logic?  Morality? Spirituality?)
  7. Humans are to reflect God.  We are Gods hands.  (Men and Women are both made equally in the image of God.  Gen 1:26-27 “Human Kind”)
  8. God knows the end, the beginning and everything in between.  God’s glory is displayed in creation.   This explains is why the red leaf is important to me.




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